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Span-80, Sorbitan Monooleate

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Sorbitan monooleate (Span-80) surfactant is a light yellow viscose oily liquid. Span-80 is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents. It is a water/oil type emulsifier, which can be mixed with Span-60. Sorbitan monooleate HLB is 4.3.


Acid value8mgKOH/g Max.
Saponification value145-160mgKOH/g
Hydroxyl value193-210mgKOH/g
Water2.0% Max.


Span-80, as a lipophilic non-ionic surfactant, is widely used in cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Sorbitan Monooleate is used primarily as emulsifiers in the preparation of creams, emulsions, and ointments for topical application. When used alone, Span-80 produces stable water-in-oil emulsions and microemulsions.Sorbitan Monooleateis combined with polysorbate in different proportions to prepare various water-in-oil or oil-in-water emulsions or creams.

In addition, Span-80 can also be used as a solubilizer, stabilizer, softener, antistatic agent, and so on. It is also suitable for medicine, textiles, paint, and other products and industries.

Packing and Storage:

In 200kg iron drum/plastic drum.

Handle with care. Span-80 should be stored in a cool, dry, and draughty place. Shelf life is 2 years. Then, the Span-80 surfactant can still be used if qualified after re-check.


Sorbitan oleate; Emulsifier-S80; Arlacel 80;