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Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate (SDBS)

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Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate (SDBS) is a kind of yellow oily, micro-toxicity. It is neutral, more sensitive to water hardness, and not easy to oxidation.

Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate has strong foaming ability and detergency and is easy to compound with various additives.

Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (SDBS) is a high-content anionic surfactant with detergency, moistening, foaming, emulsifying, and dispersing properties.

The biological degradability of Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate is more than 90%. International security organizations have recognized it as a safe chemical.


Appearancewhite or light yellow powder
Active Matter60% Min.70% Min.80% Min.
Apparent Density0.18g/ml Min.0.18g/ml Min.0.18g/ml Min.
Water5.0% Max.5.0% Max.5.0% Max.
pH Value7.0~10.57.0~10.57.0~10.5

Note: 30% to 90% of content can be supplied according to customers’ requirements.


Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate (SDBS) can be used as an efficient emulsifying agent for polymerizing pressure-sensitive adhesive. Dosage: 0.1~0.5%.

As the main content of high-class detergent and cleaner, Sodium dodecyl benzenesulfonate can blench, remove stains and oil and resist static electricity.

Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (SDBS) can be used as an antistatic additive with a cleaning function for textile oil.

Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium can be an efficient antistatic agent for polyester substrate and film base, especially for polyester base cinefilm and filmstrip. Dosage: 0.5% or so.

Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate can be the antistatic agent for polyolefine, polyester, and other polymer materials.

Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate can be used as the anti-hygroscopic and anticaking additives for powdered chemical products that easily absorb moisture and agglomerate, such as methenamine, carbamide, and ammonium nitrate.

Adding 0.3∼0.5% of it can increase crystalline particles, resist moisture and remove static electricity to prevent caking. Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate is an efficient additive that can improve the quality of organic and inorganic chemical products that are easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate.

SDBS surfactant can be used as good degreasing for quality leathers.

Note: Type LAS-60 and LAS-70 are not suitable for clear liquid detergents.

Packing and Storage:

10KG/Bag, 12.5KG/Bag.


Sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate; LAS; SDBS Chemical; dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid sodium salt; SDBS surfactantsodium salt.