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Polyetheramine arose in the 1990s. Polyetheramine, also known as polyether polyamine, a type of polyethylene oxide compound end-capped by primary amino or secondary amino, is a type of key raw material of spraying polyurea elastomer.


Color, (Pt-Co)100 Max.50 Max.100 Max.100 Max.
Primary amines content97% Min.97% Min.97% Min.97% Min.
Acetyl content4.20-4.90mmol/g0.98-1.10mmol/g0.95-1.05mmol/g0.57-0.64mmol/g
Hydroxyl value40-60mgKOH/g40-60mgKOH/g40-60mgKOH/g40-60mgKOH/g
Water Amine value0.25% Max.0.25% Max.0.25% Max.0.25% Max.
Total amine4.10-4.70mmol/g0.95-1.05mmol/g0.90-0.98mmol/g0.50-0.54mmol/g

The above products are similar to Huntsman matching types. In addition, other types are available, including M-2070, ED-600, ED-2003, T-403, D-4000, and D-203.


The elastomer materials made from polyether amine have excellent physical and chemical properties, like excellent tensile strength, elongation rate, wear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, slitting resistance, etc.

As amino end and isocyanate can react to curing rapidly, SPUA has excellent construction and environmental properties, which are widely used.

Polyetheramine can be widely applied in the protection of important concrete, steel structure, and another material matrix, for example, the wear-resistant lining of a pickup truck, anticorrosion coating of a sea-crossing bridge, sterile plant, hospital luxury floor, wall protective decoration of high-grade swimming pool, inside and outside the protection of oil pipelines of land and ocean, wear-resistant coating of deck and propeller, provisional parking apron, leakproof and antisepsis of sewage treatment pond and urban garbage dump, sports venus, and course.

Polyetheramine is also the curing agent of epoxy resin. The cured resin has good tenacity, impact resistance, and low-temperature tolerance, as the exothermic peak in curing is low. Polyetheramine can cast large epoxy resin components. As the color value of the product is low, the cured resin casting is transparent.

Polyetheramine is also an additive of the engine’s fuel, with the anti sedimentation function, and an additive of lubricant to improve the wear resistance of components.

In addition, Polyetheramine is also widely applied in surfactants, water-soluble coating, and adhesives.

Packing and Storage:

Packed in 200kg drums.